Midas M32 Live Digital Mixing Console with DL32 Stagebox With Forever Unique Preset


Midas M32 Live Digital Mixing Console with DL32 Stagebox With Forever Unique Preset

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Midas M32 LIVE 40-channel Digital Mixer

40-channel Digital Mixing Console with 32 Midas Preamps, 25 Mix Buses, 25 Midas Pro Motorized Faders over 50 Built-in Effects, 7″ TFT Display, and 32-channel, 48kHz USB 2.0 Audio Interface

  • 32 legendary Midas preamps deliver premium sound
  • Analog I/O features Cirrus Logic converters
  • 40-bit floating-point DSP supports maximum dynamics

Live sound pros have long considered Midas preamps the gold standard in sound reinforcement. There's a good reason international legends such as Pink Floyd, the Beach Boys, and Billy Joel were among the early adopters of Midas boards. In over 40 years, that reputation hasn't faded. When you hear the sound of the Midas M32's preamps at work, you'll know any mix you create will start off with premium sound. Their high common-mode rejection ratio and low harmonic distortion produce impressive transparency. But Midas's analog technology isn't the only thing special about the M32's sound. All the on-board I/O features the same Cirrus Logic converters found in many respected studio interfaces. What's more, the DSP at the heart of this board uses a 40-bit floating-point structure for a full 112dB dynamic range.

Ultramodern ergonomics by Bentley designer

Anyone who's worked at a digital console knows that ergonomics play a major role in getting around the board efficiently and creating the best possible mix in the least possible amount of time. In an effort to strike a balance between form and function, Midas enlisted the talent of Rajesh Kutty, an industrial designer known for his outstanding work with Bentley Motors. The result is a sleek and stylish console that's easy to get around. All the most important controls are front and center and in reach, while access to fader layers and deeper functions are accessible and effortless to use. The design philosophy even extends to the materials in the Midas M32's structure, where a combination of aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber provide superior stability while minimizing weight.

  • Ergonomics engineered by Rajesh Kutty (Bentley)
  • Logical layout makes regular operation comfortable
  • Material selection balances stability and weight
  • Midas M32 is the most intuitive digital mixer you'll meet

    Even if you're already familiar with digital console workflow, stepping up to a new digital desk can be an intimidating experience. Sweetwater live sound engineers love how easy they could transition to the Midas M32, thanks to its simple layout and workflow. There are tactile controls for every critical function, and a daylight-viewable 7" TFT display with soft controls covers the rest. Motorized faders, LCDs, and more let you effortlessly switch modes and stay on top of every part of your mix. Ultimately, these elements add up to a digital mixer you'll have down in no time.

    • Intuitive layout and workflow minimizes the learning curve
    • Tactile controls provide access to all critical functions
    • Motorized faders, LCDs, and TFTs make navigation easy
    • Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console Features:

      • World-class medium-format digital console for live sound and studio recording
      • I/O includes 40 input channels with 32 transparent, low-noise Midas preamps
      • Cirrus Logic converters and 40-bit floating point offer 112dB of dynamic range
      • Industry-leading ergonomic design by Rajesh Kutty of Bentley Motors
      • Channel controls and all major functions are always within easy reach
      • Master control section features a 7" TFT display that's easily viewable even in daylight
      • LCD and TFT displays across the board ensure that you'll never get lost
      • Outfitted with 25 premium 100mm Midas Pro motorized faders rated to 1 million cycles
      • Easily assign channels to 8 DCA groups and 6 mute groups
      • Assign audio across 25 independent, time-aligned, and phase-coherent mix buses
      • 100 Scenes/Snippets with 500 Cues provide powerful show automation possibilities
      • AES50 and Ultranet let you expand your system with up to 96 channels with P16 monitoring
      • Insert over 50 signal processors and effects across 8 stereo DSP engines
      • Simple USB port lets you record to a standard flash media drive
      • 32-in/32-out, 48kHz USB 2.0 audio interface accommodates both studio and live recording
      • Control your DAW via either Mackie Control or HUI protocols with full automation
      • Optional Midas iOS apps provide Wi-Fi control via your iPhone or iPad
      • A perfect digital mixing console for touring sound reinforcement applications
      • Made of sturdy and lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum, and high-impact steel
      • Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply allows you to travel freely
      • 32-channel live recording and playback on dual SD/SDHC cards
      • Independent operation of SD cards and USB recording/playback


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